“I love how organic it all is, I feel so comfortable sharing new ideas and fantasies. Being able to explore things with no judgement… no lies or nonsense.”

“I am walking back with the goofiest grin on my face. An experience and memory which I will cherish for a lifetime”

“I have never had sex like that. With that sense of connection. It is incredible. Mind-blowing. Thank you. I can't say that enough, truly, thank you”

''From Zelda's pictures (...) you may have some preconceptions on her looks.

Those wonderful lips may give you the impression of a glamour-diva that is about to eat you alive...

It was with some trepidation that I walked up those steps to meet her for the first time.

My fear was both being completely wrong on my assumption, and being completely right. That in of itself was quite exhilarating.

So then, you finally get to meet Zelda. And I was, indeed, right and wrong.

She's beautiful. But when you see her eyes in combination with that smile, you know you're in kind hands. Somehow, she can simultaneously provide a demure, geekish vibe whilst giving you no doubt that you are about to experience a whole new level of sexual enjoyment.

I know this sounds impossible, I've just smashed together ends of a spectrum. But it is exactly why Zelda is so good at her work.

Before you meet, you will see nothing and fear everything. After a booking, you will have seen everything and fear nothing.''

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