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a sexy photo of Zelda

It is a wonderful thing, to experience deliberate, enthusiastic touch.

To be in the company of someone who is excited to see you. Ask you about your day. Help you releive a little tension.

Of cores The Girlfriend Experience is a misnomer. It comes without the bad-moods, expectation, emotional labour or real-world expections. It is more like a holiday from life. A warm, soft, inviting fantasy, that is just for you.

How lucky it is, to be around someone whose only intention is to make you feel really, really good.

To feel truely seen and heard. To enjoy gentle, playful exploration. To talk nonsense, make bad jokes and feel the press of skin against your own.

What type of magic might that be?

a sexy photo of Zelda
a sexy photo of Zelda
a sexy photo of Zelda
a sexy photo of Zelda

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